MARK / GIUSTI Collaborates with Mosaic Artisan Francesco Parutto

21st March 2023

Salone Del Mobile 2023 
MARK / GIUSTI  launches its latest collection And Collaborates with Mosaic Artisan Francesco Parutto

On the occasion of Salone del mobile 2023 in Milan and the launch of its recent collection,  MARK / GIUSTI, mosaic-inspired bags and accessories announce a new collaboration with mosaicist Francesco Parutto whose mastery and skilled artistry spans over 15 years of experience in the Mosaic industry. Traditional methods, combined with continuous research and modernised techniques by expert hands, allow Francesco to stand out in his field and deliver exceptional Mosaic artworks.

Francesco Parutto and MARK / GIUSTI share a passion for mosaics, craftsmanship and excellence through their first series of collaborations, "Mosaico", that allows aficionados of the brand and mosaic artwork to recreate any of MARK / GIUSTI Mosaic designs as floor mosaics and decorations to be used in various interior design projects. 

Both designers have joined forces to re-create Mosaic frame samples inspired by the original Roman and Byzantine Mosaic masterpieces on a journey from ancient Constantinople via Venice to Ravenna through Rome and then back to London to the intricate floor pavement of Westminster Abbey on which no less than 38 kings and queens have been crowned - and soon to be crowned King Charles the III.  "This is a dream come true", says Creative Director and Founder of MARK/GIUSTI, Mark Farhat Giusti. "I have been passionate about mosaics all my life, and the fact that I can share this passion not only through bags and accessories but also in interior projects creates a sense of completeness. I feel that we have now closed the circle – from Mosaic inspiration to Mosaic creation," explains Farhat Giusti. 

The brand has plans to expand its offering to home accessories and decorations later in the year. CASA GIUSTI will celebrate everything Mosaic inspired: fine lines, attention to detail, natural materials, playfulness with contrasting colours, geometry and, of course, craftsmanship. 

MARK/GIUSTI and Francesco Parutto are preparing for a press event in September 2023 to launch the newly crafted pieces and present CASA GIUSTI to the press and interior designers. Invitation to follow.

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