MARK / GIUSTI launches Great British Summer SS17 collection

10th May 2017
MARK / GIUSTI launches its latest GREAT BRITISH SUMMER Collection for SS17 at Mipel International Trade show.


This collection is inspired by everything that the British Summer is about and has to offer.

The British Summer is about all the 4 seasons in 1 and this is what makes it so special. It is true that we have many cloudy and rainy days in the British summer but yet when the sun shines, you can really feel the energy and happiness of the people. It is because we appreciate and cherish these few but very beautiful days. There are many things that inspired me to create the Great British Summer collection for SS17 and some of them include: Picnics in the parks, Music Festivals, Queen’s Birthday Celebrations, Sunny Days, Stormy Days, Rainy Days, Magical Nights, Pebbled Beaches, Cloudy Days, Boat Rides on the river Thames and many more. I think this is what the British summer is all about what makes it so special. It is about a combination of all these things.

As for the lining, it was inspired by the original mosaic decorations found in a Roman Villa in Pitney, Somerset explored in 1861 and located 200m above sea level has inspired New SS17 Print.


Us British are very much involved with the weather on a daily basis. We base our lives and trips around it and it is even more so when it comes to the summer season. It is always a topic in any conversation.

Colors for this collection are representative of the climate, earth and the sky.

London Nights is one of the core colors for MARK / GIUSTI and it represents those cloudy dark evening skies.

Thames Blue is another core color for the brand and it represents the color of the Thames River, which has always been the central hub for UK and especially the landmark to many activities and festivals during the summer season.

Midnight Navy represents those magical clear long summer nights when people stay out late to enjoy the most of it.

Summer Sky represents those mild days when the blue skies meet the grey clouds creating this light baby blue pastel color.

Seaside Stone represents the White Sea waves hitting the light grey pebbles that occupy many of the beaches in the UK thus creating this frost like light grey magical yet fresh color.


The primary material used for this SS17 GREAT BRITISH SUMMER collection was MARK / GIUSTI’s own embossed and de-bossed signature mosaic calf leather which has been developed by the brand exclusively for them.

The leather has been carefully sourced and developed in Tuscany by one of the finest tanneries in the region who have decades of experience that has been passed on from one generation to another.

We have also added a linen / viscose material for this season in the brand’s London Night color to be used on some casual bags and beach bags to make them lighter in weight and easier to carry around or travel with on holidays.


You can still see on all items the iconic sloped detail that is representative of / in MARK / GIUSTI and which has become a signature for the brand in addition to the seasonal mosaic inspired prints that the brand use.

Further more, you can also see a Triangular shaped detail in the handles and pockets of the products representing the roofs of the iconic British Seaside huts or houses that can be seen in most seaside towns across the UK. These huts were originally built in Timber and can be traced back to as early as 19th century A.D.

The collection includes trolleys, document bags, laptop and iPad cases, business bags, small accessories such as credit card holders and wallets, as well as ladies clutches , tote bags and long wallets - all interpreted in a very clean-cut image with embossed , plain or printed leather externally.

Most of the pieces from The Great British Summer collection is now available for purchase on our online boutique .

Don’t forget that we offer a complimentary initials customization service on any item you purchase with from MARK / GIUSTI.

Simply email with your request once you place your online order. UK and International Shipping is available.

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