30th August 2022


On this 4th episode of #TravelwithMarkGiusti, I focus on the outstanding craftsmanship and our efforts to protect artisanal heritage.

The trend of mass-marketed products and the rise of fast fashion has led many companies to aim for larger productions, lower costs, and higher profits. Unfortunately, this has left hundreds of artisanal craftsmen with generations of experience and talent out of business. In addition, all graduate designers either want to launch their brand or work for the super brands leaving behind a diminishing artistic skill and few remaining people who excel in their work highly precious.

So, when I launched MARK / GIUSTI in 2009, I wanted to support the artisans behind each piece, learn from their experience, and eventually train future generations on how to continue this quintessential leather crafting skill.We do not only manufacture our bags and accessories with a 4th generation artisan workshop but also produce all the materials and components such hand carved zip pullers, dust bags and packaging boxes in Italy.

I regularly visit the tanneries in Florence to emboss our signature mosaic leather and dip dye the bespoke colours created exclusively for MARK / GIUSTI. It goes without saying that you need high quality that lasts for a long time, which is why I work closely with all our partners to ensure that each product is perfectly made according to our strict high-quality standards.

In 2020, we decided to close our London offices after 10 wonderful years and relaunch MARK / GIUSTI in Italy, emphasising our dedication to the survival of Italian craftsmanship and localising production.

Luxury is about detail. It is about how it is made and the story of the people that made it. We take care of all our partners and artisans as our family. For me, it is not just about the product. It is about the community, the environment, the culture, our values and ethical [practice], the detail, the craftsmanship, the story of the mosaics and the Cosmati family.

The design story is only a small part of the final product, but there is a chain of very talented people behind this process that brings the final pieces to life. Without any of these, there is no craftsmanship or story. It is like a link: you remove one, and the rest falls apart.

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Mark Giusti

Mark Giusti