Prints Story Inspiration

MARK / GIUSTI’s external look is minimal and shows a remarkable business imprint. Internally, a passion for architecture and geometrics is inspired by the most famous Byzantine Mosaics on a journey from ancient Constantinople, via Venice to Ravenna through Rome and then back to London to the floors of Westminster Abbey.

“Reviving historic mosaics through outstanding craftsmanship, innovative design, contemporary functionality and the highest quality of material is my goal”, says Mark Farhat Giusti - Creative Director & Founder.

All interior fabric prints used in the design of MARK / GIUSTI men's bags and accessories have been inspired from floor mosaics and intricate wall patterns borrowed from the architectural masterpieces of the byzantine era. In the 4th-11th century a.d., laying out marble of different sizes, shapes and colors in order to create form and depth, created these geometric patterns. this byzantine method was further developed in italy from 11th century onwards by using additional materials to create more complex design patterns. this was referred to as “cosmati”, named after a family of roman architects, sculptors and mosaic workers who enjoyed prominence well into the 13th century.

Now, this ancient art has been revived and is the inspiration behind the MARK / GIUSTI brand. It has been incorporated into the design of every MARK / GIUSTI product resulting in a fashion masterpiece of timeless elegance, quality and sophistication.
Mark Giusti