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Mark Giusti
Mark Giusti

EATON-15 / GBS-002

Great British Seaside

Discover the "Eaton" Leather 15" Laptop and Documents Holder.

The Eaton Documents and Laptop Cover in London Grey, part of the esteemed Great British Seaside by MARK / GIUSTI, stands as one of our best-selling designs. With its clean, understated elegance, this holder offers a single zip compartment meticulously designed to secure your documents and 15'' and 16" laptop. For the modern professional who's constantly on the move, our iconic forward slash back strap ensures easy carrying by hand or effortless attachment to a trolley. It also comes with a removable handle strap for extra security.

Iconic details are woven into the fabric of this holder, from the signature embossed leather in exclusive London Grey to the discreetly heat-embossed MARK/GIUSTI logo on the inside. London Grey is a colour exclusive to MARK/GIUSTI, epitomising sophistication and style. Every MARK/GIUSTI piece is meticulously handcrafted in Italy, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Our exclusive Cosmati Mosaic embossed leather draws inspiration from the mesmerizing geometric mosaics adorning the High Altar of London's Westminster Abbey. Built in the 13th century AD, this historic site has seen no less than 38 kings and queens crowned.

Elevate Your Essentials: The Eaton Leather Laptop and Documents Holder by MARK / GIUSTI – Where Style Meets Functionality in Perfect Harmony.

100% Genuine bovine leather body and Trims.
100% Cotton sateen lining.

100% Handcrafted in Italy
International delivery is available.
Colour : London Grey
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Mosaic Pattern Story

Great British Seaside Mosaic

The inspiration for the GBS mosaic pattern was taken from the original mosaic decorations that was found in Roman Villa in Pitney, Somerset (United Kingdom) explored in (1861).
Mark Giusti


MARK / GIUSTI have collaborated with Mosaicist Francesco Parutto to recreate the original mosaic marble floors found in Pitney Somerset.
Mark Giusti