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From Ruins to Resilience: MARK / GIUSTI Artistic Journey in Collaboration with Rami Lazkani

Milan, January 13th, 2024 – MARK / GIUSTI proudly unveils a captivating collaboration with Lebanese artist Rami Lazkani, where art transcends its traditional boundaries to narrate a powerful story of resilience, courage, and strength. Lazkani's work beautifully intertwines the tales of a typical Lebanese home, embracing its ruins as symbols of triumph ...

Mark Giusti

MARK / GIUSTI Partners with John Wright Photography

The MARK / GIUSTI London based luxury brand for handcrafted luxury bags and leather accessories is pleased to announce the formation of a new partnership with the Award winning photography Agency JOHN WRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY. JOHN WRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY is a leading supplier of visual marketing assets to iconic fashion brands including LOUIS ...