Mark Giusti


Everything is possible. We believe everyone must make a difference in this world because we have a duty to do so. I wanted to do things differently but consciously when I established MARK / GIUSTI in 2009, so I have set certain standards and values that we do not compromise. This is our Promise to you:

1- Launch the "LOVE ABUNDANCE" initiative that gives back to communities, and the environment, raises mental health awareness and promotes equality and inclusivity.
2- Support the Italian artisan industry for crafted bags and aim to train future generations on how to continue this outstanding heritage skill.
3- Preserve mosaic heritage art.
4- Move to 100% recycled packaging by 2024.
5- Continue researching suitable sustainable materials to use and improve our sustainable operational practices.
6- Inform customers how to prolong a product's life through our repair, reuse and recycle service.

We promise that we will always strive to do better and improve continuously where we can in the interest of our planet, our environment, and communities worldwide.
Mark Giusti


We rise by lifting others. The LOVE ABUNDANCE initiative is a collection of activities, campaigns and plans we will be doing to give back to the community and environment, raise awareness for mental health and promote equality and inclusivity.

1. Every year, we pride ourselves on joining forces with a selected charity on a series of activities that would raise funds for the affected communities and awareness back to the issues at hand. Previous charities included Terrence Higgins Trust, Build Africa and The Brain Tumour Charity.

2. Mental health is a very important issue for us, so we do a series of events throughout the year to support those who need it and raise awareness for the issue.

3. We believe every brand’s asset lies in the rich and diverse working culture that makes it unique in its own way. We pledge not only to make our internal working culture inclusive but also to promote awareness for a more equal and just society and communities. The spread love initiative includes a series of internal activities such as a DEI-Focused lunch and learn, following a diversity calendar, and creating a campaign to address these issues.

Mark Giusti


When I launched MARK / GIUSTI in 2009, I noticed many brands were moving their production overseas to lower costs and increase profits. Unfortunately, this has left hundreds of artisanal craftsmen with generations of experience and talent out of business. I felt very passionate about protecting this Italian heritage, so I have decided to support the industry and the artisans behind each piece, learn from their experience, and eventually train future generations on how to continue this outstanding bag crafting skill.

We work with 4th generation artisans and produce all the materials, leather and components such hand carved zip pullers, dust bags and packaging boxes in Italy. In 2020, we decided to close our London offices and relaunch MARK / GIUSTI in Italy, emphasising our dedication to the survival of Italian craftsmanship, reducing carbon emissions caused by travel and shipping and eventually localising production.

For me, the design is only a small part of the final product, but there is a chain of very talented people behind this process that brings the final pieces to life. It is about how it is made and the story of the people that made it. It is about the community, the environment, the culture, our values and ethical [practice], the detail, the craftsmanship, the story of the mosaics and the Cosmati family. Without any of them, there is no craftsmanship or story. It is like a link: you remove one, and the rest falls apart.
Mark Giusti


MARK / GIUSTI maximizes efficiencies by enforcing a 100% no Waste policy. We calculate every production runs so that there is no surplus in production or overstock. Therefore, no piece produced is ever destroyed. We try to avoid waste in every step. Any leftover materials or small cuttings are either reused in the interior of the small accessories such as credit card holders and wallets or donated to local apprentice schools. All packaging material that can’t be used is fully recycled.

All our leathers are a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise go to waste, and we no longer use exotic leathers. They are all responsibly sourced from Europe, and none come from areas at risk of deforestation, such as Brazil. We only work with tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group, with the majority being top-rated Gold or Silver for their advanced sustainability, traceability and social practices.

We pledge that we will no longer produce new mosaic design patterns used on the lining of our products until we use all our previously produced fabric to shift after that to sustainable fabric lining.

Mark Giusti


We believe in the durability and investing in pieces that will last a lifetime. We encourage our customers to take good care of their MARK / GIUSTI bags and accessories because increasing the life of their items could reduce the environmental impact by up to half and stay out of landfills. All our pieces are handcrafted by talented artisans and have been tested to last.

In the unlikely event of an item that needs repair, MARK / GIUSTI offers a repair, reuse and recycle service. Please read the repairs section on the homepage.
Mark Giusti


We first introduced recycled packaging in 2012, which clearly shows that sustainability has always been core to our strataegy long before it was on the radar of many more prominent brands. All our paper bags and boxes are sustainably made with partially recycled paper, FSC certified and fully recyclable.

We pledge to shift to plastic-free and 100% recycled packaging by 2024, including office paper supplies, ribbons and tape used for transport.
Mark Giusti



Our factory is audited yearly by the Italian authorities to ensure full compliance with EU work laws. As a result, it is top “A” rated on Social Accountability by the international certification agency SGS. In addition, they constantly monitor their energy and water supply within production and office premises and have plans to move to partly solar power in 2024.


All our raw material suppliers are based in Italy and follow strict EU labour and environmental laws. We regularly visit tanneries and suppliers to ensure worker’s rights are respected, and environmental impact is adequately managed