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21st March 2023

Pieces that offer history and sustainability via textured leather 

Run your hand across the leather of a MARK / GIUSTI accessory and be transported to another time and place, specifically the Byzantine era. For Lebanese designer, Mark Farhat Giusti, mosaic art from this time has remained an endless point of fascination and inspiration. "Geometric mosaic designs come alive through textured leather that you can see and feel," expresses the designer. Today geometric patterns and complex designs known as "cosmati" offer the signature flair to Giusti’s embossed and debossed designs.

A little over 10 years ago, Giusti was nominated in the category of Best New Accessories Brand by the UK Fashion and Textile Association. Five years later, he was appointed head of footwear and accessories for Victoria Beckham and Self-Portrait in London. "I believe that the most significant award I could ever get, is using my platform to make an impactful change and make a difference in the community, the environment, and the planet," states Giusti. True to his word, he launched a new "Love abundance initiative." dedicated to giving back to the community and environment, raising awareness for mental health, and promoting equality and inclusivity. He also lectures at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, sharing his knowledge with the newest generation of creatives.

The designer recently moved his offices to the Italian city to reduce carbon emissions caused by shipping collections back and forth between the UK and Italy. The brand aims to move to 100% revealed packaging by 2024, and all accessories are maintained in a repair, reuse, and recycle service. "My mission has always been to support local Italian artisans and their heritage craft, so it was essential for me to be closer to them for better collaborations, efficiency, and creativity," he explains. "It was not a smooth ride, especially with the pandemic restrictions in the last couple of years, but it had to be done. Sometimes, one must make tough decisions to have good results."

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Mark Giusti