30th August 2022

MY MARK / GIUSTI Service for Bespoke Items and Corporate Gifting

It is another week and another #TravelwithMarkGiusti #TravelTuesday. I am doing these videos to share with you my passion and vision behind MARK / GIUSTI. I would also like to explain the signature details and the unique characteristics that make the brand so special.

I explained to you last time that when I established MARK / GIUSTI, I wanted to create a unique product that was not commercial and unavailable in the mainstream market. So, early in 2009, we started by designing bespoke and customized pieces for friends, VIP customers and royal families who requested beautifully crafted unique pieces that they could personalize with their initials or family crest.

My MARK / GIUSTI is our bespoke service for those who want to create their luggage sets, family giftings, or even unique items for a special event. By choosing this service, you can select the materials and the mosaic pattern of your choice, add, or remove interior pockets or perhaps emboss your initials or family crest.

Corporate gifting is another core aspect of MY MARK / GIUSTI service. We have worked closely with many hotels, financial institutions, and others to create customizable gifts for their clients and employees, ranging from small accessories to luggage sets (for the lucky recipients).

Our personalisation service is available on All MARK/GIUSTI bags and accessories which can be customized with your initials for a personal touch. Some items can also be customized with a quote of your choice for an extra special message. You can choose from 24k Gold foil, Rose Gold, Sterling Silver and many others that suit all tastes.

If you are interested to learn more, please contact us at to discuss your requirements further.

You can watch the Mark Giusti Story Episode on our Youtube Channel and @WorldofMarkGiusti Instagram Pages.

Love and Light

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Mark Giusti

Mark Giusti